Alex Moody, CEO

Alex was born in the late 70’s. Originally from England, he was only 7 years old when his family moved to the ‘States” for a job opportunity. His father’s work was only supposed to last one year, but like many opportunities, that one-year turned into 30 and Alex has been here ever sense. Alex settled in beautiful Orange County, where he enrolled in Fullerton College’s Administration of Justice program. After he graduated from the Police Academy, he decided that a career in Law Enforcement was not for him and went to work for a urethane manufacturer.
Following that experience, Alex next went to work at a waterproofing contractor. This experience and education allowed him in 2000 to start his own company specializing in commercial coatings as well as specialty coatings. Alex’s desire to provide his clients’ with the finest in workmanship and an honest, integrity filled relationship, has been the driving force behind the amazing reputation that Garage Rehab has become known for.


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