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Our overhead storage solution is a great way to take back your garage! Garage Rehab can help you choose the best option to get your garage organized. With over 20 years experience we have the right storage solution for you.

We use only the strongest and most versatile ceiling storage system’s available. Garage Rehab offers overhead storage products that can easily store extra bulky and heavy items. Our units can even be placed above your garage door to take advantage of that wasted space. We can install our Garage Storage units in virtually any garage layout.

Factors to consider when purchasing overhead storage units:

1. Installation: Not all companies provide fully trained and certified installers. In most cases Garage Rehab can have your storage system ready to load in less than a day. At Garage Rehab we have installed thousands of overhead storage units.

2. Protective Finish: Garage Rehab uses an overhead storage system that is coated with a durable finish, which will resist scratching, chipping, and rusting.

3. Adjustable Distance From Ceiling: Garage Rehab offers an overhead storage system that allows you to adjust the height from the ceiling, therefore optimizing the space and giving you maximum cubic foot storage. Our goal is to maximize the drop while providing the most storage space.

If you are ready to organize your residential/commercial space, let our team of professionals at Garage Rehab provide you with a clean and organized garage environment today! Call our team at (888) 850-2658 to request your free estimate.

We also offer epoxy garage floor coating and deck waterproofing for our commercial and residential clients in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. We'll gladly lend our 20 years of experience to your next project.

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