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When you work with Garage Rehab, you can rest assured that you will be receiving the best possible service. We will put our 20 years of experience to work when it comes to installing your custom storage cabinets. Many home and business owners have a garage that is an unruly mess. It’s so easy to stash excess items in the garage and forget about them. As the items stack up however, they become more and more difficult to ignore. If you’re ready to do something about your cluttered garage, contact the custom garage storage experts at Garage Rehab. We’re dedicated to providing Los Angeles and Orange County homeowners/business owners with high-quality storage cabinets and epoxy flooring services.

You can choose from the following options:

• Wall organizing slat walls 
• Built in storage cabinets

Whether you are a homeowner, a business owner, or both, you’ll find garage storage cabinets to be very valuable. Here are just a few benefits you can expect:

Less Clutter: The ability to move around in your garage is reason enough to love storage cabinets. Even if you decide to keep most of your excess garage items, at least you’ll have places to put them.

Attractive Appearance: A handsome storage cabinet can be a source of pride and actually improve the look of your garage’s interior. Imagine heaps of boxes being transformed into a neat row of cabinets.

Easy Access: Do you spend 10 minutes searching through boxes every time you need something from the garage? Installing a storage cabinet is a great excuse to neatly organize your items so you can find them more easily.

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We have compiled the answers to our most frequently asked questions regarding custom storage cabinets. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us!

How much weight do the cabinets hold?

The cabinets are designed to hold up to 300 lbs and each shelf is rated for 75 lbs.

Do your cabinets have backs or are they open to the wall behind?

Yes, our cabinets have a full backs to help minimize the amount of dust that sneak into cabinets vs cabinets that are mounted using just a small support piece at the back of the cabinet to the wall.

I have a very tight space when both cars are parked in the garage. Can I get skinnier cabinets so I still have a place to store items?

Yes, we design your cabinets to your storage needs and sizes!

Why Choose Garage Rehab?

Garage Rehab is Southern California's Leading Garage Renovation service provider. We offer an array of fantastic products brought to you through amazing service.

Free In-Home Estimates

At no obligation to our customers, we come to you and guide you through design options as well as perform proper measurements and cement testing.

Upfront Pricing

Our pricing is all inclusive. Don’t be fooled by the low-price bait and switch tactics. The price we provide is always the price you pay.

On-Time Service

This means we stride to start on time and end on time. Your time is valuable, and you deserve this from a Garage Renovation service provider.

One-Day Installation

Our professional installation crews are experienced and precise. This allows us to complete most projects in the span of one day.

Lifetime Warranty

Our Garage Epoxy Coating backed by an industry leading lifetime warranty. This provides our customers peace of mind in a beautiful and durable finished product.

Customer Reviews

Garage Rehab did a fabulous job epoxying the floor of our garage. My wife can get a little wacky when it comes to cleanliness and neatness. She probably would have been wise to marry more of a, "Felix Unger" type but she settled for me instead. Mindy was the contact person I spoke to and was delightful to deal with. Garage Rehab did everything they said they would do, when they said they would do it. The guys did a great job prepping the floor. The prepping is 80% of the job in my estimation and they did an amazing job getting the floor ready. The installers were polite and helpful as well. The garage turned out fantastic. It is so immaculate now, I told my wife we can recoup the money paid to Garage Rehab by now offering off site surgery in our garage.

Jeff S. 
Jeff S.

"My wife and me have been doing a lot of projects around our house and one I was excited about having done was my garage floor. There were cracks and stains all over and it really looked pretty poor, but after seeing some of the options for flooring I decided to go with Mindy and Alex at garage experts. I never got to speak to Alex, but Mindy was a pleasure to communicate with. Alex came the morning of our project to over see everything but had to leave before I got to speak to him. The project turned out better than I could have imagined. We went with a new color that reminds us of sand at the beach and everyone comments on how great it looks. We couldn't be happier, its been a couple months now but I recently signed up with yelp and thought I better spread the word on how great these floors look. My garage feels like another room of the house now and really that’s all thanks to garage experts. Highly recommend! Really great company in Yorba Linda (now Anaheim)."

Sam T. 
Sam T.

Mindy and Alex, the couple/owners are very easy to talk to and are very responsive, especially over the phone. (They even answered my call at 9pm on the Sunday night before my scheduled installation.) They provide friendly service with a smile, high quality product, can install in one day, and all for a somewhat competitive price. I'd say the only potential issue you should be aware of is a possible lack of communication/clarity, though this should probably mostly be expected if there are other complications with your installation. If there *are* any complications, those problems probably won't be a result of their doing, and they will put in a lot of effort to rectify the situation as quickly as they can in the best possible way they can.

After discussing my issues, Alex has offered to come back out and do some additional work on our floor to improve the situation. This shows how willing they are to ensure their customers are satisfied and definitely earns a 5-star review.


"I had the epoxy put on my garage floor 2 weeks ago and can't stop going out to look at it!! The installers did a great job and were personable and knowledgeable. Answered any questions that I had. They worked hard and left everything clean when they were finished. I have a small business that I work out of my garage and now it's clean and presentable! Thank You Garage Rehab"

Debbie T. 
Debbie T.

I recently had my patio and garage floor done by this company. My patio was quite a disaster and they did a decent job making it look much nicer, this included repairs to cracks in the concrete and also having to cut out some uneven concrete and refinishing the entire surface. They also put epoxy on my garage floor and it made a huge difference. Looks brand new! I highly recommend epoxy floors! As for pricing, they were about right in line or just below the other quotes i had received and the bonus was they were able to do the work within 2 days versus 3+ days I was quoted by others. Lastly, the owner (Alex) was very friendly and responsive to my needs and questions.

Jenna S. 
Jenna S.

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Garage Rehab specializes in epoxy garage floor coatings, garage cabinets, and overhead storage. Our installation crews are employees, not sub-contractors. We are licensed, bonded and insured. All of our installers undergo an intensive manufacturer's training process in order to deliver the finest results.

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