Epoxy Floor Coatings

Our premium Garage Epoxy Floor Coatings are the perfect upgrade to your space. Installed in just one day, and backed by a Lifetime Warranty! Be the envy of your neighborhood with a Garage Rehab Epoxy Floor.

Certified Floor Installers. The latest equipment and methods. It's no wonder Garage Rehab offers one-day Epoxy Floor Coating Installation.

Check out how our professional Garage Rehab installation team members enhance this garage floor with our proprietary epoxy floor coating system. Installed in just one day, and always backed by a Lifetime Warranty

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Only Garage Rehab can offer our proprietary G.R.I.T  Epoxy Floor Coating System. Our epoxy coating system is industrial strength and provides a protective bond so strong, that  it’s backed by the power of an industry leading, Lifetime Warranty! 

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Lifetime Warranty
Easy to clean and maintain. Seamless and Non-Porous

Our epoxy Floor Coatings are protected by a 100% solid, non-porous polyaspartic top coat. This means your new epoxy floor is stain proof, abrasion resistant, and will protect you from dreaded “Hot-Tire Treading”, which can cause damage if not properly protected.

Long-Lasting and very durable

G.R.I.T. epoxy is ultra durable and protects your garage concrete from cracks and damage from normal wear.  We use the same commercial strength epoxy for your garage, as we do in industrial spaces. 

Attractive and Aesthetically Pleasing

Garage Rehab epoxy coating is available in a variety of colors, and applications that can make your garage the envy of neighbors.  The design options are nearly limitless!


Many buyers look for a finished garage. Our epoxy flooring provides a beautiful look that creates the best curb appeal and may increase the value of your home.

Recent Epoxy Floor Coatings Projects

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Seeking Other Bids?

We completely understand if you want to seek out other bids before making your decision to proceed with a floor coating installation. But before you do, click on our “10 IMPORTANT QUESTIONS” brochure. It provides you with the questions you need to ask every contractor during the bidding process. It’ll help you separate the real professionals from the amateurs. 

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